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Lirik Lagu Taylor Swift - Beautiful Eyes


Your beautiful eyes
Stare right into my eyesand sometimes I think of you late at nightI don't know whyi want to be somewhere where you areI want to be where...
[Chorus:]You're here, You're eyes are looking into mineSo baby, make me flyMy heart has never felt this way beforeI'm looking through yourI'm looking through your eyes
I wake up, I'm aliveIn only a little while... I'll cryCause you're my lullabySO baby come hold me tight cause I-II want to be everything you needI want to be where...
Just as long as you're mineI'll be your everything tonightLet me love you, kiss youOh baby let me miss youLet me see yourDream aboutDream aboutDream about your eyesEyes, Eyes...Beautiful eyes


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