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Lirik Lagu Keith Urban - Billy

Lirik Lagu Keith Urban - Billy

Billy left on Friday night with twenty dollars cash
Had a thousand more and a diamond on his hand when he got back
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I don't know
Just where Billy got that dough

Saturday he spent in style, drinks were on the house
Lincoln here, and a Jackson there suspicions were aroused
A dime was dropped and a name was named, a body soon was found
Travelin' Bible salesman on his monthly trip to town

Three bullet holes, a .38 gun took his soul
What do you know? No diamond ring, no money roll

A quick investigation, they dragged Billy to the station
And broke him down with the third degree
His alibi unraveled, judge Riley banged his gavel
A 12-man jury all agreed, so he must be guilty

I knew Billy spent that night winning big at cards
And the salesman was a married man who broke my sisters heart
Billy sits in Leavenworth waiting for the gas
And I know lots of other things but no one ever asked

So they'll never know, swear to God they'll never know
Case is closed, that's how the story will be told, alright now


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